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AimFX is a trade copy tool that allows to replicate trades between multiple local/remote platforms.

Supported platforms

  • Sierra Chart (master and follower)
  • NinjaTrader 8 (master only)
  • MetaTrader 4 (master and follower)
  • MetaTrader 5 (master and follower; hedging & netting)


  • Low latency (under 10 ms)
  • Integration with Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader 8, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Flexible configuration and mappings
  • Easy to use administration panel
  • Copy trades locally and remotely


  • Copy from one or more master accounts
  • Copy to one or more follower accounts
  • Copy between different platforms
  • Manage risk settings (balance/equity ratio, lot multiplier)
  • Support multiple broker symbols via custom mappings
  • Copy between Futures to CFDs
  • Configuration per symbol
  • Risk factor
  • Spread adjustment
  • Disable/enable
  • Invert position
  • Split position into smaller one
  • Lot digits adjust minimal lot size
  • Emergency stop loss - which act as default stop loss and make compliant with prop firms requirements
  • Auto set predefined TP/SL to all trades