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NinjaTrader 8 – installation guide


AimFX is compatible with NinjaTrader 8.0. AimFX is not compatible with NinjaTrader 8.1 or NinjaTrader 7.


  1. Download NinjaTrader 8 plugin from Documents

  2. Open NinjaTrader 8 (64 bit)

  3. Tools -> Import -> NinjaScript Add-On...

  4. Select the AddOn file (.zip)

  5. Confirm the Warning about trusted source of AddOn -> Click Yes

  6. Answer Yes to another warning

  7. Plugin was installed successfully. It’s required to reboot the NinjaTrader 8 -> Click OK and restart the application

  8. On NinjaTrader startup, confirm again that AddOn is from trusted source

    At this stage platform plugins are installed on Sierra Chart platform.

Configure Sender/master account

  1. Open NinjaTrader 8 (64 bit)

  2. Tools -> AimFX Publisher

  3. Configure plugin – make sure AIM ID and API KEY correspond to your details from

  4. Pick which account Plugin should connect to

  5. Connect to engine

  6. Plugin is connected properly to Sim101 account, “Runtime: Started”

  7. Plugin is running but there is no connection to AimFX.

  8. Last step -> Connect NinjaTrader to datafeed

  9. Check connection status

Trigger a trade

  1. Add 1 contract on NQ 03-22

  2. Add 1 contract on NQ 03-22 (2 contracts in total)

  3. Close all trades, there is no position open anymore, and AimFX reported the change.