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Configuration overview

Configuring AimFX consist of several steps.

1. Preparation

Before we start configuring copier, decide which account is your master account. This will be the one, to initiate trades, that will be copied to the follower account.

Think about which symbols you going to trade on Master account? What would be the lot size you plan to use? How those symbols should be translated to Follower account? All those things are important going forward.

2. Configure master account

Master account is responsible for delivering signals to all the follower accounts. When position is open or close on master account, the change is instantaneously send to all followers within few miliseconds. Master account must be connected all the time, otherwise any change on Master account, will not be replicated to Follower accounts.

3. Configure follower account

Follower account act as receiver and will take an action on every signals sent by Master account. You can configure one or more Follower accounts where each can be configured differently.

For example, using two different brokerage accounts may require different risk factor and/or different Symbol mappings.

4. Install plugin on Master

AimFX supports multiple platforms as master account: Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader 8, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5. Installation instruction on how to install plugin can be found under Platform section.

5. Install plugin on Follower

AimFX supports multiple receiving platforms: Sierra Chart (beta), MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

6. Test connection

Best practice is to check the whole setup on demo account before using the tool on production system. This can help making sure that all configuration and copier behavior is known before taking real trades.